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CitizenM in New York

citizenM Hotel Times Square is a hyper-modern hotel in the heart of New York City, born out of a need for a new kind of travel experience: affordable stays at great locations, in inspiring environments. Despite all of its futuristic features, this hotel is an oasis in the urban jungle. To illustrate: the lobby isn’t called the ‘lobby’ here – it’s called the living room.

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citizenM – without a capital C, with M for ‘mobile’ – Times Square is not that big, but it is grand. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the artwork featured throughout hotel. The building has three lifts to take you all the way up to the 21st floor – where you can enjoy a cocktail at the rooftop bar that’s conveniently open 24/7. Maybe you’d rather grab a freshly baked pastry at canteenM, or stop for a breath of fresh air down on one of the terraces, they have you covered! The handy check-in works via self service, but, don’ worry, the friendly staff are right beside you and happy to help at all times. In addition, although it goes without saying in such an establishment, there is, indeed free Wi-Fi throughout the whole hotel.

citizenM times square hotel building in new york city citizenM times square hotel living room in new york city

The Rooms

citizenM offers rooms with one king-sized bed. That’s the only option available, no exceptions. Because: ‘everyone’s an equal citizen.’ That one bed is a king-size one though, and a very, very comfortable one at that. After having a lovely shower you can lay down and watch TV. Every room has a decent TV. But the feature that really makes citizenM stand out, is its tablets. With these gadgets you are able to adjust anything according to your needs: the light, the temperature, the TV and even the curtains. Nothing wrong with a little bit of futurism. The purple lights adds to the experience, but there is a wall-size window as well, providing you with lots of daylight.

citizenM times square hotel in new york citizenM times square hotel view

Location and Accessibility

Only the best seems to be good enough for citizenM, including their location. It’s top-notch: very central, near Times Square and Broadway – right across the street from Ellen’s Stardust Diner, the retro 1950’s restaurant with singing waiters. Many of the former employees are now on Broadway! Because the hotel is located so centrally, there are multiple subway lines just around the corner, and the nearest entrance to Central Park is only a ten-minute walk away.

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Eric’s Tip: This hotel is one of my favourites in town! It is quite new, very modern and has a great atmosphere. The staff are very helpful and friendly and, it is great value for money.

citizenM times square hotel room in new york city citizenM times square hotel room new york

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