COVID-19 antigen and PCR test for New York

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COVID 19 antigen and PCR test for New York

A COVID-19 test for New York is required. Everyone 2 years and older must take a coronavirus test before flying to the USA. The test must be taken one day before departure and must be negative in order to fly. You can take a PCR or the cheaper antigen test, which you can also do at home. Read more about the options for testing to travel here.

UPDATE: From June 12, 2022, it is NOT mandatory to do a COVID test before leaving for New York.

COVID-19 Test for New York

Testing to travel to New York is required, next to proof of full vaccination if you are 18 years or older. Are you flying to New York or to another American City such as San Francisco or Los Angeles? Before you go to the airport, make sure that you have had the COVID test taken and that you are able to show the negative test result.

PCR or Antigen COVID test

You’re allowed to take the cheaper antigen test, but also a PCR test as long as you take it the day before or on the day of your flight to New York. You can do an at-home antigen test which is the cheapest option, or get tested at one of the locations throughout the country and at the airports. Make sure to book/order a test where you can get tested before departure and have the results in time.

Book your PCR or antigen test at ExpressTest
Book your PCR or antigen test at Corona Test Centre
Book your antigen test at Official Rapid Tests

Note: A PCR test can only be done at a test centre, not at home. If you are doing an antigen test at home, it needs to be supervised. See below for more information.

USA-approved home test

You can also test yourself at home. You can not do a regular self-test, because the USA requires that the test is video supervised by a healthcare practitioner. This means that you need to register your test online, follow the instructions, and while doing the test, you will have a video connection or are being recorded. After you upload your results and the video is reviewed, you will receive a doctor-signed results certificate.

Book your Antigen USA Approved Test here
Book your Home COVID-19 Test for the USA here

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