Best Burgers in New York

Best Burgers in New York

New York has lots of options when it comes to finding good burgers. It’s not always appreciated, but making a good burger is a real craft. Of course, the best burgers can be found in New York. Here is a list of my top five best burgers in NYC:

  1. Five Napkin Burger

    Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to burgers but this one pops up on every top 5 and is my #1 pick. Five Napkin Burger is a burger restaurant where you can also order sushi and other dishes. Perfect when you’re dining with someone who wants to eat healthy, while the other wants the best burger in New York.

    The best burger at this restaurant is the Original Five Napkin Burger. On this burger, there is special cheese and sauce. It is a big, heavy-duty burger, which not everyone can finish. The French fries are hit-or-miss but usually good.

    Location: Multiple, but the real spot is in midtown west, not far from Times Square.

    Eric’s Tip: Between 18:15 and 21:00, there is usually a waiting time of an hour or more. In addition, if you go between noon and 13:00, you’ll probably be in a long queue, so take this into account. At this restaurant, you will find delicious food in a nice atmosphere, but it’s always crowded.

    Best Burgers in New York - Five Napkin Burger Best Burgers in New York - Five Napkin Burger- burger

  2. Corner Bistro

    This burger restaurant is really a bar. Don’t expect fancy cutlery, plates, and glasses and don’t be surprised if there is a long queue. The best burger here is the Bistro Burger which has cheddar cheese and bacon. The burger is not too heavy, but big enough. The French fries here are always very deep-fried.

    Location: Between Chelsea and Meatpacking District

    Website: Corner Bistro

    Eric’s Tip: This is definitely something that you must try, at least once. It’s a fun place for lunch but not really for dinner. The wait for lunch can sometimes take up to 30 minutes. This is also a nice spot to drink a beer at the bar. This bar accepts cash only and no credit cards.

    Best Burgers in New York - Corner Bistro Best Burgers in New York - Corner Bistro burger

  3. Peak NYC

    Peak NYC is a restaurant located on the 101st floor of 30 Hudson Yards. This is one floor above Edge Observation Deck. In addition to a beautiful view, you can enjoy a delicious burger here. The American Wagyu Burger has smoked bacon, dijonaise, and cheddar on it. The burger is only served at lunchtime and can be a little on the pricey side, but along with the breathtaking view, it’s totally worth it.

    Location: Hudson Yards

    Website: Peak NYC

    Best Burgers in New York - View from Peak Best Burgers in New York - Peak

  4. Shake Shack

    Shake Shack is known for its amazing milkshakes, as well as their amazingly long queues. They have many locations throughout New York. My advice? Avoid the one on 8th Avenue, it’s always packed. Instead, head to any of the locations outside Midtown. However, if you want the ultimate experience, go to their original restaurant at Madison Square Park. Expect to wait. If you’re just going for a milkshake, make use of the ‘C-Line’ where you can skip the regular queue. In addition, if they ask ‘Do you want it malted?’ Say YES! Isn’t this a burger top 5? Indeed, their burgers aren’t bad either. Get the Shack Burger.

    Location: Multiple, Madison Square Park is the most famous

    Website: Shake Shack

    Eric’s Tip: Although you may think it’s crazy that people queue up so long for a shake or burger, believe me, it’s worth it! If you see a queue of around 15 to 30 minutes, it’s a good time to go. In the summertime, it’s always busy, the best time to go then is before noon. When the weather is colder, it’s not as busy in the evenings. A small shake is more than enough as they are quite rich. Personally, I always share mine.

    Best Burgers in New York - Shake Shack Best Burgers in New York - Shake Shack burger

  5. Burger Joint

    In the super-deluxe Le Parker Meridien hotel, there is a hidden gem. Walk through the lobby and just to the left of reception, you will see a narrow corridor. You’ll be surprised by what you see! It looks like a burger hang-out for “students”. Burger Joint has an underground atmosphere and looks as if you’re in a cave, but the burgers are oh-so-good. The best is the cheeseburger with “All the Works”. This is truly an experience and definitely a fun location. Burger Joint is good for lunch or a snack but don’t go there for a romantic night out.

    Location: Midtown Manhattan, near Central Park and Columbus Circle.

    Eric’s Tip: Don’t ask too much here. If you do not know what you want to order, then wait before getting in line. Their motto is, “If you don’t see it [on the menu], then we don’t have it.” There are always long waiting times, throughout the day here. I have had the most success between 15:00 and 17:00.

    Burger Joint - New York City Burger Joint - New York

EXTRA! Category: Sliders. The STK Slider.

Sliders are mini burgers. You often find them on the menu at sports, or other places that serve finger food. However, STK restaurant in New York has absolutely the best sliders in the whole country. This fancy, trendy restaurant, where many celebrities dine, serves starter sliders called ‘Lil’ Brgs’ on the appetiser menu. They are out-of-this-world delicious! STK is an expensive steak house, located in Meatpacking District. The Lil’ Brgs cost $21 for two, however, they are big enough to share. The rest of the menu is certainly not cheap, but if you are looking for a place to celebrity spot, it’s worth a visit.

Location: Meatpacking District

Eric’s Tip: Reservations are a must here, the restaurant is packed 7 days a week. As mentioned above, this is an upscale restaurant, so dress up. Sometimes there’s a DJ spinning. When first arriving at STK, you will not be greeted warmly until you have stated that you have a reservation. After that, the staff will be very friendly and accommodating. You can also order the sliders to eat at the bar, in the restaurant. Definitely, a nice treat to surprise your dining companion! Expect a bill of $100 to $150 per person, depending on the drinks order.

Best Burgers in New York - STK Sliders Best Burgers in New York - STK

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