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Edge Hudson Yards Observation Deck tickets are available online. It is the highest outdoor observation deck in New York. Edge is located on the 100th floor of a skyscraper in Hudson Yards, the modern new neighbourhood in West Manhattan. At 335 metres above ground, Edge Observation Deck is one of the highest viewing points in New York City, and certainly the highest outdoor viewing point. Don’t miss out on this new highlight in New York and buy your Edge tickets now.


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Edge New York tickets

There are two types of tickets for Edge New York. Choose General Admission tickets when you’re sure of the time that you want to visit Edge. These tickets are also the cheapest option. When you’re not sure about your planning yet, or want to take the weather into account, I recommend you to buy Flex tickets. With those you can decide on the time that you visit Edge when you’re in New York.

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NYC’s Highest Outdoor Observation Deck

On Edge Observation Deck, you have a 360-degree view over New York. The outside area is surrounded by sloping glass panels that give a nice view of Midtown Manhattan. Those who dare can stand on the glass part of the floor, to take a look at the world below. Or take a selfie in the very corner of the area, surrounded by glass, air and sky! The skyline steps leading up from the outdoor sky deck also offer great views, looking over the top of the glass panels. If you feel like having a drink or a bite during your visit, Edge houses an indoor and outdoor Champagne Bar with beverages and light food options.

Eric’s Tip: As New York’s highest outdoor observation deck with some thrilling extras, Edge adds a whole new experience to New York. It’s very different from the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock for example, I was very impressed by it. I personally found the tilted glass plates on the sides the most spectacular, as these allow you really enjoy the view of the surroundings below you. The glass panel in the floor is also very special.

Practical Information

  • Location: You can enter Edge at Level 4 of The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards
  • Opening hours: daily (including all holidays) from 8:00 until 0:00 at night
  • Children ages 5 and under get free admission

Buy your Edge Observation Deck tickets including free souvenir photo here

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