Best Pizza in New York

Best Pizza in New York

New York: a city for and of pizza lovers. Every New Yorker has their favourite addresses to get a slice or ‘pie’ (the whole pizza). A couple of pizzerias have almost been declared as holy dining spots. Here is my personal top 5 best pizza in New York, trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

  1. John’s Pizzeria of Bleecker Street (278 Bleecker Street)

    John’s Pizzeria of Bleecker Street, also known as John’s Pizza is my number 1. The wood panelling, traditional niches and colourful wall art make this restaurant an experience in itself – free with your slice of pizza. This spot draws the attention of all sorts of people, hipsters, struggling artists, old Italian gentlemen and even many celebrities (at least on the wall). You can’t buy individual slices, just whole pizzas, which are big enough to share between two or three people. Baked in a brick oven, pizzas have a dark, crispy, thin crust. John’s praise themselves for the classical preparation of their pizza and rightly so!

    These pizzas are more sophisticated than most American variations. Ingredients are fresh, sauce is spicy and the cheese is premium quality. Cheese pizza is standard here but there are countless possibilities for toppings. You can also order a bottle of wine at a reasonable price. You won’t go bankrupt eating here: A pizza costs $17,00, plus $4 per topping. There’s also a branch on Times Square, both locations are great for lunch and dinner, but expect a queue.

  2. NY Pizza Suprema (413 8th Avenue)

    This pizzeria is actually located in a bit of a weird, or at least unexpected, place in Manhattan. You wouldn’t expect for one of the best pizzerias to be located right next to Penn Station! I only know about this one from an article I read, about a boy who tried out all of the pizzerias in Manhattan during the course of two years. NY Pizza Suprema received a great score on his list. So, when I got the chance to try it for myself, of course I did and he was right! The pizzas have a good crust and are baked lightly to perfection. However, it’s the sauce that makes the pizza, and that is fantastic. It’s tangy, spicy – but not too spicy and is really what makes the difference. Try at least one margarita slice, before you go crazy with other toppings like pepperoni.

    Although there is enough seating, this is not a place to go for the atmosphere but purely for the pizza! Prices start at $24 for a pie or $3 a slice. In terms of slices, this place is the winner (John’s Pizza doesn’t offer slices). NY Pizza Suprema is great for grabbing lunch or, because of its location (near Penn Station/Madison Square Garden), perfect for a snack before or after a Knicks or Rangers game!

    Best pizza in New York - NY Pizza Suprema - 413 8th Avenue Best pizza in New York - NY Pizza Suprema - slices

  3. Lombardi’s (32 Spring Street)

    For a slice of history, visit Lombardi’s. In contrast to Joe’s Pizza, Lombardi’s was not designed for a quick bite. In 1905 this pizzeria was given planning permission by the municipality of New York, making it the oldest pizzeria in the city. The décor hasn’t changed much since: wooden tables, red and white check table cloths and murals of the Italian countryside. Everyone comes to Lombardi’s – from glamorous couples to large families. In the restaurant you can’t order slices, only whole pizzas and they are not for those on a diet! Lombardi’s is known as the pizzeria that introduced the New York-style pizza: with it’s thick, dark crust, topped with mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil. On top of that, you can choose lots of different sorts of toppings, including home-made meatballs.

    Toppings are $3 a piece and the pizzas are $22,50 for 8 slices, or $18,50 for 6 slices. Great for lunch and dinner but expect long queues.

    Best Pizza in New York - Lombardi's Pizza Best Pizza in New York - Lombardi's

  4. Joe’s Pizza (7 Carmine Street)

    Finding Joe’s Pizza from subway stop: West 4th Street is easy; just follow the smell! This place is always packed, with businessmen, residents and workers eagerly enjoying their slices. Order your slice at the ‘bar’, where you’ll be handed a paper plate with your selection.  Devour it straight away, at one of the standing tables on the side. These pizzas are topped to perfection and very good. You can order a cheese pizza, a margarita (with mozzarella) or a Sicilian. All have a thin, crispy crust and a large amount of cheese. For most, the high point is Joe’s tomato sauce: the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. You can also add a range of toppings, like pepperoni. You pay a little extra for that, but at $2,75 a slice, it’s not a big deal. Who knows, you may be rubbing shoulders with Leonardo DiCaprio, who frequents Joe’s.

  5. Two Boots (Among others on 625 9th Ave and 44th Street)

    Two Boots was established in 1987 by two film-makers who also had a love of pizza and beer, (like many American men). The name references the form of Italy and Louisiana: which are both shaped like a boot. With it’s original name and creative owners, it’s no wonder Two Boots serves special pizza. At all locations (there are 11 in New York) you can order a cheese pizza that can be pimped up with toppings inspired by the Southern kitchen. The names of the pizzas are all inspired by films and tv shows: The Dude, The Newman, Mr Pink and Cleopatra Jones. If you don’t feel like anything too ‘exotic’, you can also just choose pepperoni, anchovies or olives. A slice costs $2,75 – $3,75 and a whole pizza is $9,95 (small), $14,95 (medium) or $19,95 (large).

    Best pizza in New York - Two Boots Pizza slice

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