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New York Rangers tickets are easy and safe to buy online. Attending a match is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss out on while in New York. The Rangers play at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan and their season runs from October to April. Every New York Rangers game is sold out, this only improves the atmosphere. The excitement, speed of the game, hot dogs, and fans make it a special event. An ice hockey match in New York attracts a diverse crowd. Even families with children come to see a game. And the New York Rangers play indoors, so it’s a great activity for anyone, especially if it rains or snows.

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Buy tickets to a New York Rangers game by taking a look at the schedule and selecting the date you would like to go to a match. You can pay by credit card or Paypal. The tickets are mobile e-tickets that you can show on your phone to enter the stadium. You don’t need to print these mobile tickets. You are guaranteed to receive real tickets and they will always be delivered on time via e-mail.

The tickets sold on the site are from New York Ranger’s season ticket holders who cannot go to the game themselves. Therefore the tickets are available at discounted prices. Sometimes the tickets are more expensive than the original price. This means that the New York Rangers game was already sold out.

If the Rangers don’t play on the date that you are in New York you can check if the Islanders do.

What are Good Seats at a New York Rangers Game?

Good seats at a New York Rangers ice hockey game are important, especially because the puck is small (so it is harder to see from far away). But do not forget that you mainly come to watch live ice hockey for the atmosphere.

400/300-section: These seats are often very cheap (sometimes they sell for only $50 to $60 per ticket), but for a reason: you’ll see very little. You won’t be able to follow the puck, because the seats are too high. These seats are recommended if you only come for the atmosphere.

200-section: Best price/quality ratio. Check in the seating chart below which seats are the best. They are marked in red. Try and get a 200-section ticket on row 14 or lower. Tickets normally cost $80 to $250.

100-section: Brilliant! Cheap tickets for this section cost between $150 to $400. The photos are taken from Box 111 row 20.

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New York Rangers Tickets - Madison Square Garden Seating Chart

Practical Information

How to get to Madison Square Garden?

Madison Square Garden is situated in the middle of Manhattan above Pennsylvania Station. It really is easy to get to from anywhere in Manhattan.

When Should I Arrive at the Game?

Don’t arrive too early, or you will be bored waiting before the game even starts. If you are curious to hear the national anthem, then arrive 30-40 minutes before the game starts.

After the Game

After the game is over, you can continue your evening by either hopping in a taxi or taking the subway.

COVID-19 regulations

No COVID-19 requirements.

See below for a list of dates and book directly!

How much is a New York Rangers ticket?

You can get tickets for the New York Rangers from: $ 35.00

Where do NY Rangers play?

Madison Square Garden is the home arena for the New York Rangers.

What hockey teams play at Madison Square Garden?

The New York Rangers play in Madison Square Garden.

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