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Top of the Rock Tickets

Buy your Top of the Rock tickets before you go to New York. The Top of the Rock observation deck is on the 70th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The observation deck offers superb open-air views of New York. Take the lift to the 70th floor and discover the three viewpoints and enjoy the 360 views from the Top of the Rock. On the one side, there is a beautiful view of Central Park and on the other, you’ll see the magnificent 103-story Empire State Building.

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View from Top of the Rock

Heading up to the top you can enjoy the mezzanine exposition, a collection of photos and artefacts that tell the fascinating story of the Top of the Rock and Rockefeller Center. You’ll have even higher expectations when you’ve seen the exhibition! The ‘ride’ in the lift is spectacular! The lift’s roof is nice, so you can see the lift going up in the lift shaft.

Once at the top you have a beautiful view over Manhattan, New Jersey, Brooklyn and Queens! From the viewing area, you can see the Chrysler Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Hudson River. You can also see Central Park on the north side and the Empire State Building on the south side! The observation deck has three levels. On the third level, you have an unobstructed view without a glass enclosure, which gives you the opportunity to take great photos.

Top of the Rock Tickets - View of Empire State Building Top of the Rock Tickets - Observatory

Top of the Rock Tickets

You can order tickets easily and affordably online through this website. It is also possible to visit the Top of the Rock observation deck with every discount pass. If you use one of these passes, you’ll be able to save on the entrance fees.

If I buy tickets online, can I come whenever I want?

Yes. If you buy your Top of the Rock tickets online, or if you use a discount pass, like the New York CityPASS or New York Pass you can visit any time. When buying your tickets, enter the date when you think you would like to visit the Top of the Rock. If your plans change and you want to go on a different day, it’s fine. You don’t need to change the ticket, just go to the Top of the Rock and present the voucher. It all depends on how busy the observation deck is of course. Top of the Rock is very busy, especially during the holidays. I would therefore advise redeeming your voucher/discount pass and reserve timed ticket for when you’d like to visit.

Eric’s Tip: “I personally think that the view from the Top of the Rock is nicer than the view from the Empire State Building. You are in the middle of Manhattan and the building is a little lower. There are newer buildings that partially block the Central Park view, but the view is still beautiful. If you have the opportunity to visit both Top of the Rock and Empire State Building though, I highly recommend that you do it. My advice is to visit the Top of the Rock during the day, that way you’ll have the best view of Central Park. If it’s dark the park isn’t clearly visible.”

The Beam Experience

The iconic photograph of 11 workers eating lunch on a steel beam was taken in 1932. The beam was 69 stories high, and the photo was captured during the construction of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the building that houses Top of the Rock. You can now follow in the footsteps of those builders in The Beam Experience. Buckle up, rise above the deck and enjoy the views of Central Park. Tickets for The Beam Experience can be bought at Top of the Rock.

Top of the Rock Tickets - The Beam Top of the Rock Tickets - The Beam Experience

Practical Information

  • Location: The Main Entrance is on 50th Street between Fifth and 6th Avenue
  • Opening hours: from 09:00 to 00:00
    • The last elevator goes up 50 minutes before closing time
    • Opening hours may vary during Christmas and New Year’s
  • See pricing details

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Tip: Take the Rockefeller Center Tour

Top of the Rock Tickets - Sunset View

How much is a Top of the Rock ticket?

You can visit the Top of the Rock from £36. If you want to visit other attractions, read about discount passes.

What time is best to visit Top of the Rock?

I would advise visiting the Top of the Rock during the day. Even better is during sunset, but it can be very busy! Read my tips.

How long can you stay at Top of the Rock?

After entering, you can stay on the observation deck for as long as you want. Book your tickets here.

Is the Top of the Rock worth it?

Yes! During the day, the view you get from Top of the Rock is one of the most iconic in New York.

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