Hostels in New York

Hostels in New York have a big advantage: they’re a lot cheaper than hotels. If you don’t mind sharing a room then it’s a great alternative. The quality of hostels that you find on this page is good, so it’s a great option for students and (young) adults. Aside from being cheap, hostels are also great places to socialise, make new friends and explore New York.

Are you looking for a hostel in New York City? Let me help you! Here are a few good hostels in and outside of Manhattan.

Hostels in Manhattan

If it’s important to you to stay close to all the attractions that you can find in New York, then a hostel in Manhattan is for you. A hostel here costs a little bit more than outside Manhattan, but you’ll be in the centre of the city that never sleeps.

Nap York Central Park Sleep Station

Sleep in a pod at Nap York Central Park Sleep Station! At this modern hostel, you can book your own pod, and you might even have a view of the city. There are mixed and female-only rooms. Each room has 2 to 6 pods and a private bathroom. Because of the pods, you will have more privacy. In addition, the hostel feels very safe.

On each floor, there is a shared lounge and a kitchen guests can use, as well as free WiFi. There is free coffee and tea, as well as a rooftop you can enjoy. If you stay in a female dorm, the entire floor is female-only; no men other than staff are permitted. You can store your luggage at the hostel before and after checking in and out.

As the name suggests, the hostel focuses on sleep, that’s why guests are asked to keep quiet. Therefore it is not your typical hostel where you may socialise, but more if you are in town for work or just want your rest guaranteed. The hostel is located in the middle of several Broadway theatres, close to Columbus Circle and Central Park, making it an ideal base for exploring New York.

Check the availability for Nap York Central Park Sleep Station here

Hostels in New York - Nap York Central Park Sleep Station Hostels in New York - Nap York Central Park Sleep Station Common Area

HI New York City Hostel

Dorms at HI New York City Hostel are the largest on this list, with 10 to 12 beds per room, however there are also four-bed dorms. The hostel still feels very safe, because you can only enter it with your keycard. The hostel provides you with a bed; toilets and showers are located down the hall. Generally, the hostel is very clean. You can use the kitchen to prepare yourself a meal and enjoy it on the outdoor patio, for example. There are several common areas and they organise all kinds of activities, making it easy and fun to meet new people.

You can only stay at this hostel if you’re over 18, or 13 with a legal guardian. The HI NYC Hostel is very close to Central Park and is located in the Upper West Side. You can also store your luggage after checking out, which is convenient.

Check the availability for HI NYC Hostel here

Eric’s Tip: “The Hi Hostel in New York is a great place if you want to meet people. Because of the common areas, you will easily socialise. They organise events like a pub crawl, yoga classes and walking tours so you also get to know New York. Especially for solo travellers, this is a good place to stay.”

Hostels in New York - HI New York City Hostel Hostels in New York - HI New York City Hostel Dorm

Outside of Manhattan

If travelling to the city centre really doesn’t bother you, because you’re more worried about your budget then you can get a hostel outside of Manhattan. It’s a great way to experience the other boroughs of New York and you can usually be in the city within half an hour, depending on the location.

The Local NYC

In the Local NYC hostel, you have the choice between a private room with bathroom or a shared room. The beds are really comfy, and the hostel has a great vibe. The hostel is located in a very artistic neighbourhood in Queens, which can be seen in the hostel as they have art exhibitions of local artists. The metro can take you to Times Square in 20 minutes.

This hostel also has a roof terrace, a cafe with good coffee and a bar if you want to enjoy a drink. When you check in, you get a voucher for a free beer or glass of wine. There is a laundry room which is convenient if you want to stay a bit longer. This hostel also plans its own events like movie nights and yoga classes to make sure that everyone’s having a good time!

Check the availability for The Local here
20 mins from Times Square

Hostels in New York - The Local NYC Hostels in New York - The Local NYC Rooftop

Q4 Hostel

Q4 Hostel is located in Long Island City. The hostel is open 24 hours a day and also provides full-time security. The hostel doesn’t allow guests under the age of 17 without parental supervision and no meals are included. Other than that you’re very close to the city centre and the rooms are tidy and clean. There are both private rooms and male or female dormitory rooms available.

Check availability for Q4 here
15 mins from Times Square

Eric’s Tip: “I recommend staying in a Manhattan hostel, even if it costs you a bit more. Especially if you are travelling alone; you are in the middle of everything, and safety will be less of a concern for you. However, I do not recommend staying in West Side YMCA Hostel. I stayed here for a night in 2023 and it was very unfortunate what I found here. It’s an iconic place to stay and I do get questions about it, but unfortunately, it has seen better and cleaner days. The place is so big and there are so many people on each floor you might feel uneasy.”

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