Best Bagels in New York

Best Coffee Shops and Bagel Bars in New York

Bagels in New York are a must-try when you visit the city. They can be found anywhere, but you’ll find the best New York bagels in a bagel shop. New York bagels can be compared to the croissants of Paris. You can choose between different kinds of bagels; the plain bagel, everything bagel, poppy seed bagel and the cinnamon raisin bagel. New Yorkers often go for a toasted bagel with cream cheese or butter, but bagel shops in New York also serve them with salmon, chicken and tuna. It is a perfect and quick breakfast or lunch that you can get anywhere in New York. To help you get a taste of the real New York, I have listed the best bagels in NYC below.

  1. Russ & Daughters

    The bagels of Russ & Daughters are more than just bagels. The ring-shaped bread from this shop is known for its high quality. They have served bagels since 1914 with caviar, and herring, amongst others, but the lox bagel with cured salmon is a must-try. You can choose Irish, Norwegian, or New Zealand salmon.

    There are a few locations in the city, and I like the one at Houston Street the most as it is their flagship location. Katz’s Deli can be found on the next corner. Russ & Daughters can get busy, so expect to queue, but once you have the bagel in hand, all is good. Another good option is their location in Hudson Yards, on the corner of 34th Street and 10th Avenue. You can combine a visit to the bagel shop with a walk along the High Line or a visit to the observation deck Edge.

    Best Bagels in New York - Russ and Daughters

  2. Ess-A-Bagel

    Visiting Ess-A-Bagel is an experience in itself. In the humongous display, you’ll find dozens of bowls with salads, cream cheese and all kinds of fish. You see, this place is known for its awesome fillings as well as the fresher-than-fresh bagels. At some places the choice is often limited, here, you can really go all out. Something to try is the chicken curry salad: nice and spicy with tender pieces of chicken. Vegetarians can go all out with a variety of tofu-based cream cheeses. In addition to the fillings, choose from a variety of bagels – even toasted by the staff if you so wish. Your meal can be enjoyed in the spacious dining area, but do keep in mind that it can be busy, especially during lunchtime.

    Best Coffee Shops and Bagel Bars in New York - Ess-a-Bagel

  3. Pick A Bagel

    Pick A Bagel is a chain with a number of branches in Manhattan. If I am close to one, I definitely pop in for a bagel. They have a huge range of bagels, cream cheeses and other toppings. All Pick A Bagel locations also have a well-stocked fresh salad bar, plus you can get all sorts of muffins, cookies and other sandwiches, like paninis. The coffee here is also good.

    Best Coffee Shops and Bagel Bars in New York - Pick A Bagel

    Eric’s Tip: “If you want a vegan breakfast or lunch, a bagel is a good option. Most bagels are vegan, besides from your topping. Always ask the people at the bagel shop what the options are.”
  4. Black Seed Bagels

    When you are visiting the New York sights, some appetite may arise. Black Seed Bagels is the perfect place to go get your bagel during sightseeing. They have several locations throughout the city, which makes it easy to find one close to you. Black Seed is known for their unique combinations and their New York-style bagel made with some baking techniques from Montreal. You can try the cheese pizza bagel for instance, or the pastrami with smoked salmon.

    Best Bagels in New York - Black Seed

  5. Murray’s Bagels

    The only downside to Murray’s Bagels is that there is not a lot of room to sit down. But that’s about all. The bagels here are so good that they don’t even need filling. Try, for example, the ‘everything’ baked with poppy seeds, onion and garlic. Even if the bagels are divine, Murray’s also offers a broad range of fillings. Next to the classic cream cheese, they have loads of salads and the staff knows all about perfect fried eggs. The speciality here is smoked fish. That might sound a little weird, but once you’ve tried their smoked salmon you’ll be hooked! If you can’t choose, then their ‘speciality bagels’ are an option: filled with delicious combinations such as turkey, cheese, coleslaw and dressing. Want a cup of coffee on the side? The cappuccino here is very popular.

    Best Coffee Shops and Bagel Bars in New York - Murray's Bagels

  6. Bagels at the supermarkets

    The options above are the best bagels in New York, in my opinion. Bagels can be found anywhere in the city. In the supermarkets in New York, you can also get a bagel to eat on the go or for a picnic in the city. These bagels are fine as well and not expensive.

    Best Bagels in New York - Supermarket

What is the best bagel shop in New York?

You can find bagels in New York anywhere. This is my list of the best bagel shops in New York.

What kind of bagels can I find in New York?

You can find all kinds of bagels in New York. Read more about it here.

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