2024 Total Solar Eclipse in New York

2024 Total Solar Eclipse in New York

The 2024 total solar eclipse can be seen in New York! On Monday 8 April 2024, the total eclipse will cross New York. Weather permitting, up to 90% of the solar eclipse will be visible in and around Manhattan. This is a rare event that you can witness with your own eyes! The next visible eclipse in the United States will not occur until 2044.

Solar Eclipse in New York

The solar eclipse will be visible across New York State, with up to 90% of it visible in the city! You can head to Central Park for an unobstructed view or to one of the other parks in New York. With clear skies, the eclipse can also be seen from the streets of Manhattan and the other boroughs.

100% of the eclipse will be visible at Niagara Falls. You can get there from New York on one of the day trips. Not only will you see the famous falls, but you can also witness a unique natural phenomenon. For example, book a two-day trip to Niagara Falls or a day trip by plane so that you will be there on 8 April 2024.

2024 Total Solar Eclipse in New York - Central Park 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in New York - Times Square

What time will the 2024 eclipse take place?

The natural phenomenon will begin around two o’clock in the afternoon in New York and will end at about 16:30. The peak is estimated to be at 15:20, which will be when the eclipse will be most visible, depending on the weather.

The path of the eclipse starts in the south of the continent and passes over Mexico, the United States and Canada before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

What is an eclipse?

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon is between the sun and the earth. This completely obscures the sun, making it appear as if it is dusk. It’s not safe to look at the eclipse without specialised eye protection.

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