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Best Bars to Watch Football in New York

Best Bars to Watch Football in New York

Best Bars to Watch Football in New York

Where are the best bars to watch football in New York? Watching football in New York might seem impossible since it’s the country of baseball and American football, but New York has it all including bars dedicated to football. Brits love football and sports fans don’t have to miss out on their team’s games while on holiday. I’ve made a list of sports bars where you can watch Premier League and UEFA Champions League in New York.

The Football Factory at Legends

Legends is a sports bar that has people, places and New York legends as its main focus. The place has a casual atmosphere and combines simple but good food with a football match. Legends loves football fans so much it opened a space completely dedicated to football, called The Football Factory (using the international name of the game, instead of the American name soccer). They screen many championships like Champions League, Bundesliga and La Liga. So you don’t need to miss out on any one of your team’s games. There are 3 floors with 50 tv’s and 2 huge screens for your entertainment. You’ll find it all in a perfect location: in front of the Empire State Building.

Legends Football Factory in New York Legends Football Factory in New York - interior

The Black Horse Pub

The Black Horse pub is a big and airy English pub with a great atmosphere to watch sports. Soccer fans show up early on weekends in this neighbourhood sports bar to see the European matches. They’ve a selection of 16 international beers on tap, a mix of local favourites (think Sixpoint Sweet Action and Brooklyn Lager) and rotating Anglo/Irish specials including Boddingtons and Guinness. Happy hour is from 14:00 until 19:00. Soccer always takes top priority on their flat screen televisions. When footy’s not on, the ten big televisions play whatever games the neighbourhood crowds wants to watch. A great spot for catching the game, with good drink specials every once in a while and good English fare. The friendly staff serves the likes of a full English breakfast, bangers and mash, eggs beans and chips and shepherd’s pie.

Baker Street

Baker Street is an Irish pub named after the famous English street. You can watch various sports in this place, including football. Check their calendar for upcoming events and the games they’ll be showing. Besides watching sports games, you can also get a drink or grab a bite. Lunch starts at 11:00 during the week and  from 11:00 to 16:30 they serve a traditional brunch on weekends. It’s $15 for a main course (such as an omelet or burger) and 2 drinks (wine, beer, champagne, juices, coffee or tea).

Baker Street in New York Baker Street in New York - interior

Tonic Bar

Tonic Bar with its 35 HD Screens, seems to be inspired by its location on Times Square. It’s a sports bar broadcasting several sports. If you want to be sure the football match you’re dying to see will be shown, it’s a good idea to call them in advance. Tonic Bar has 2 floors and serves lunch, dinner and brunch (on weekends). Happy hour is Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 20:00 and you can even head to Tonic for some karaoke. I recommend watching a game while feasting on chicken wings with ranch dressing and trying one of the 30 beers on tap. This bar is a good spot to watch the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl kickoff is at approximately 18:30. I recommend getting there in the early afternoon, it will get crowded. Tonic is also the place to be for watching other sporting events in New York, such as the World Cup or the European Championships.

Tonic Bar in New York Tonic Bar in New York - interior

Smithfield Hall

Smithfield Hall is located a few blocks from Madison Square Garden. They broadcast football matches from all over the world. Don’t want to miss a game from the Europa League, Champions League or Bundesliga? Head to Smithfield Hall. Customers here are mostly local New Yorkers looking to watch an American or international football match while enjoying a beer. And soccer is not the only sport that you can watch here, they also show NFL, MLB and NBA matches.

The Churchill

The Churchill is a laid-back English pub close to Park Avenue, it’s a little piece of home abroad. The restaurant is in old British/English style and has a good ambience. The screens at the bar are showing rugby and other Euro-centric sports. Get a draft beer and order some food to accompany your game watching. Most standard British or American Ales will run you like $7-8. If you ask for recommendations be ready to spend $8 and more a pop.

Jones Wood Foundry

Jones Wood Foundry is another low-key British pub tucked away at 76th Street, between First and York. The bartenders are very friendly and engaging. During the game, you can order some great British staples and choose from a great selection of beers. Overall, it’s a pleasant, welcoming neighbourhood spot and a good place to watch sports without being deafened by blaring music.

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