Free New York Mets Gifts

Free New York Mets Gifts

Free New York Mets gifts are handed out at a number of the baseball team’s games during the season. They include bobbleheads, shirts, caps and many other collector’s items.

I personally really enjoy collecting these items, which is why I always check before I go to games to see if there’s a New York Mets giveaway happening. You can find the New York Mets promotional schedule 2023 on this page.

Free New York Mets Gifts

Giveaways take place at several New York Mets games throughout the season, as well as at New York Yankees games. You won’t always get something at every match, and the free gift also varies from game to game. From a replica of the stadium or a Mets jersey to a bobblehead or baseball cap, all sorts of things are handed out! I really enjoy taking the items home with me, which is why I always keep an eye on when something is being given out for free.

Whenever the Mets are doing a giveaway, you’ll get a free product regardless of what type of ticket you have or where you’re sitting. All you need to do is arrive at Citi Field in time so there are still plenty of New York Mets gifts left, because when they are gone, they are gone! A ticket to one of the games may even be cheaper than the value of the product you get for free. You can get New York Mets tickets for as little as $10, while a Mets bobblehead can cost as much as $35.

Eric’s Tip: “To get a Mets freebie, make sure you get to the match in time; about an hour before the start should be fine. If one of the entrances has run out of the promotional item, you can always try at another entrance. It’s not difficult to get the gift, I have never had any problems with it. The only thing I recommend is being there nice and early.”


The bobblehead figurines are unique and collected by many people because they aren’t always available elsewhere, which makes it extra special to get your hands on one! Bobbleheads are handed out at a number of matches during the season.

New York Mets Hats

A hat or cap is always a nice souvenir to buy during a match, but they are also sometimes handed out for free at games! It could be a bucket hat or even a classic New York Mets cap.

New York Mets Jersey

Jerseys are often handed out during New York Mets games. They’re basically shirts. You can put it on right away and mingle with all the devoted fans!

2023 Schedule: New York Mets Free Gift

Come back in 2024 to see the free New York Mets gifts

If you are looking for New York Mets gifts, you can order them here.

Are free gifts handed out at New York Mets games?

Yes, check the overview to see when specific gifts will be handed out at New York Mets games.
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