Getting Married in New York

Getting Married in New York

Getting married in New York is incredibly romantic. If you’re planning your wedding in New York, there are a number of things to consider. Especially if you intend to elope in NYC. You can celebrate this special day in multiple ways, along with one of the many romantic activities in New York.

Getting Married in NYC

If you want to get married in New York, you need a ‘Marriage License’. This marriage licence is a legal document issued by the State of New York prior to the marriage. With this document, the State of New York authorises the marriage. The marriage itself must be performed by a wedding officiant, a person who has the authorisation to marry people in New York. You can also get married in the Office of the City Clerk.

If you get married in New York, you will receive your Marriage Certificate. You don’t need to register your marriage in the United Kingdom, though. Your marriage will be legal and recognised back home if you followed the correct US legal process and your marriage would also be allowed under UK law.

Eric’s Tip: “You do not need an Extended Marriage Certificate or an apostille for the UK. In fact, you can simply relax and enjoy your wedding day!”

Wedding Photographer in New York

During your marriage ceremony in New York, you shouldn’t miss out on a wedding photographer. Finding a good photographer in New York can be tricky and very expensive. One wedding photographer in New York I can recommend is Mirjam. I’ve known her for a long time and she will take photos of you during the big moment and afterwards, for a favourable rate!

Getting Married in New York - Photography Getting Married in New York - Wedding

Eric’s Tip: “I am not a wedding planner. Planning a wedding in New York takes a lot of time and energy. You can hire a company to do this but you can also choose to do it yourself. Let me give you a few pointers in this post.”

Marriage Proposal in New York

There are plenty of romantic spots in New York that are perfect for a proposal. Get down on one knee on the Bow Bridge in Central Park, for example. You also can book a photo shoot in Central Park to capture this special moment. You can message the photographer beforehand to discuss the time and exact location.

Another option is on one of New York’s observation decks. With stunning views of the city as the backdrop, it’s a moment you won’t forget anytime soon. You can also pop the question to your partner on the water. You could enjoy the food and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline on the luxurious Bateaux Dinner Cruise.

Getting Married in New York - Central Park Getting Married in New York - Bateaux

A Romantic Day in New York

A romantic day in New York is something you should experience together with your partner. From personal experience, I can recommend the spa on Governors Island. You can enjoy more than 20 wellness experiences along with the views of Manhattan there.

Or go for an unforgettable experience, such as a helicopter flight over New York. Do you want to add a touch of luxury to your day when admiring the views from above? Together with your significant other, you can book a private helicopter tour in New York and soar over the city skyline with your very own pilot. What could be more romantic than that?

Romantic Restaurants in New York

Throughout New York, there are lots of dining options and bars for a great night out. I’ve listed all my favourite romantic restaurants in New York.

Romantic hotels in New York

During your wedding in New York, a romantic overnight stay only makes the experience better. There are hotels all over the city that are excellent for this. Check out my selection of romantic hotels in New York.

As a British national, can I get married in New York?

Yes, you can get married in New York. Read more here.

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