Travel Adapter for New York – USA

Travel Adapter for New York USA

You will need a travel adapter for New York, and therefore the USA. This is because the US plug type is different from the one in the UK. The voltage in the USA is also different. As a result, you will need accessories to charge your devices. You will find all the information you need on this page.

Travel Adapter for USA

Different plugs are used in Europe than in the United States, and sockets have been adapted accordingly. Type A sockets are used in the United States and type G in the United Kingdom. If you want to be able to charge your devices with a UK plug, you need a US plug adapter. This is a cube that you insert the British plug into, and then into the American wall socket. It is also possible to purchase a travel adapter that has a USB(-C) port on it.

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Travel Adapter for New York - American Outlet Travel Adapter for New York - Type G Outlet

Voltage in the USA

In the UK, we use sockets with a voltage of 230, while in the US it is 110V. Therefore, it is important to check your devices to see whether they can handle this voltage. You can find this information on your device’s original power adapter.

Travel adapter for New York - Voltage

USB Ports

Many hotels today have USB(-C) sockets that allow you to charge your phone or any other device directly. Make sure that the device in question converts the US voltage (110V) correctly. It is often smarter to use the wall socket with a travel plug so you can be sure not to damage your device.

Voltage Converter

If your British appliance is not suitable for US voltage, you can use a converter. This often applies to hair appliances such as curling irons and hair dryers. A converter is a device that adjusts the voltage to ensure your device works.

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Converters are expensive and can be very inconvenient to carry. You can also use the hotel’s hairdryer, buy an American device or go without for a few days.

Do I need a travel adapter for New York?

Yes, you need a travel adapter when you travel to New York from the UK. Read which one here.

What travel adapter do I need for the USA?

You need a travel adapter that converts the US voltage to your UK device. Read more here.

What type of plug is used in the USA?

In the US, a type A plug is used.

Can I charge my phone in the USA?

Yes, you can charge your phone in the USA. Read more here.

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