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Bloomingdale’s New York, also known as Bloomingdale’s NYC, is one of the most famous department stores in the world alongside Macy’s. If you would like to shop in New York, you have come to the right place! Since Bloomingdale’s is a department store chain, you can find several branches in New York, including one of Bloomingdale’s outlets in New York on the Upper West Side. The chain’s main store is Bloomingdale’s New York, located on the corner of East 59th Street and Third Avenue. You will also find Bloomingdale’s in the SoHo district.

Bloomingdale’s New York or Bloomingdales NYC?

Bloomingdale’s was founded in 1861 by the brothers Lyman and Joseph Bloomingdale, whose father emigrated from Bavaria to New York. Since the name of the chain refers to the last name of the two brothers, the spelling “Bloomingdales NYC” is correct in German, but in English, it becomes “Bloomingdale’s New York”, the official name. The brothers’ first store was on Third Avenue, just a few blocks from today’s headquarters. There you could buy all sorts of goods from Europe but above all fashionable clothing from Paris. It was quickly successful and in 1898 the brothers moved to the much larger building on Third Avenue, which is still the main branch today.

Shopping at Bloomingdale’s New York

Bloomingdale’s New York still stocks clothing and handbags that are fashionable and luxurious. If you are looking for designer clothing while shopping in New York, Bloomingdale’s is a place not to be missed! There are often Bloomingdale’s own collections that come from famous designers like Ralph Lauren. You probably know the famous “little brown bag”: the little brown paper bag that you get when you shop at Bloomingdale’s. Or maybe you are familiar with Bloomingdale’s New York since you’re a fan of the “Friends” series, as Rachel worked there for a while.

What Can You Buy at Bloomingdale’s?

At Bloomingdale’s New York, you can actually buy everything you need or don’t need! The department store sells many fashion brands that are showcased at the New York Fashion Week. The selection is really huge, so make sure you have enough time to browse or think in advance about what exactly you want to buy. This means you can go straight to the corresponding floor without losing valuable time. There are 12 floors in Bloomingdale’s if you count the basement, so you could shop here all day (if you have the cash).

The first floor is dedicated to everything that has to do with fashion. In the left area, you will find handbags, for example from the Fendi brand, and beauty products such as make-up. Accessories are on the right. You can also let yourself be carried away into the world of fragrances and try out a new perfume. You can admire jewellery on the 1st floor. The escalator takes you up to the 2nd and 3rd floors. There you will find the shoe department and everything related to sportswear for women, which has a lot of space, especially on the 3rd floor. Sportswear for women as well as lingerie, tights and socks are also on the 4th floor.

Of course, the men don’t miss out either. In the basement, on B2, there is an entire department with sports articles and sports clothing. B1 is a bit more elegant, here you will find designer clothing for men as well as fine shoes. If you are more indecisive, you can also ask for a personal shopper at the service desk on this floor to assist you with your shopping. By the way, children’s clothing is on the 8th floor. And very practical: the toilets are also located here.

On the 5th floor, you can see elegant furniture and decorative items for your home. Of course, you won’t buy a dining table in New York, but there are also smaller decorations that you can use to decorate your home. Cooking accessories, suitcases, ornaments and candles await you on the 6th floor. Here you can also take a breather at the Nespresso Boutique and treat yourself to a coffee as a pick-me-up. Bathroom items and everything that makes sleep better, such as silky soft sheets, can be found in the “Bath and Bedding” section on the 7th floor.

Bloomingdale's in NYC - Brown Bag Bloomingdale's in New York - Interior

A Little Break From Shopping at Bloomingdale’s New York

If you need a little break from your New York shopping tour, make a stop at the Magnolia Bakery. There is a branch of this famous bakery on the right near the exit on the ground floor. After grabbing a cupcake, you’ll have the energy to shop in New York again! Or go to the Nespresso Bar on the 6th floor. Afterwards, you can explore all the floors further and continue shopping without any problems.

Bloomingdale’s at Christmas Time

At Christmas time, a visit to Bloomingdale’s NYC is a special experience because the shop windows shine with Christmas decorations. In the middle of the department store is a huge and magnificently decorated Christmas tree, which is really not to be missed. The outer facade of the huge building is also adorned with fairy lights to the brim and is an experience in the evening. The shop windows have a new theme every year; the designers keep coming up with new ideas, such as a homage to the Grinch, where you could show your own “resting Grinch Face”.

There are also many Christmas items to buy at Bloomingdale’s New York at Christmas time, especially the Christmas tree decorations that often make you smile. It is also rumoured that Santa Claus personally visits Bloomingdale’s every now and then during Christmas. If you can’t get enough of the Christmas decorations, then you should definitely do the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour, where you can see even more stunning Christmas lights!

Bloomingdale’s SoHo

Another branch of Bloomingdale’s can be found in SoHo (504 Broadway). This store is less posh and more accessible than the headquarters in New York and therefore attracts a different kind of customer. Personally, I find shopping at SoHo Bloomingdale’s a bit more relaxed. Another reason to visit Bloomingdale’s SoHo is the good coffee and the free WiFi hotspot – perfect when you need a break from shopping in SoHo.

Practical Information

  • Address: 1000 Third Avenue, corner of 59th Street and Lexington Avenue
  • Opening hours:
    • Monday to Saturday: 10:00- 20:00
    • Sunday: 11:00 – 19:00

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