Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

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Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights tour is something you shouldn’t miss if you are in New York during the Christmas season. In New York, and especially Brooklyn, you can expect amazing over-the-top decorated houses, full of Christmas lights, reindeer, and snowflakes in addition to Santa, of course. The area famous for wildly celebrating this tradition is Dyker Heights. It is famous for the most beautifully lit and decorated homes. The best way to see this spectacle is to take a bus tour through Dyker Heights with a guide and find all the exuberantly lit houses.

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Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge Tour

During this tour, you visit Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, two American-Italian neighbourhoods both battling for the glory of having the most beautifully decorated homes during the Christmas holidays. Hop on the bus in Midtown Manhattan and hop off again in Brooklyn to walk around with a guide and admire the marvellously lit houses. The benefit of taking this tour compared with exploring the neighbourhood on your own is the guide tells you all about the history of this Christmas tradition (it started with just one decorated home!) and he might even introduce you to some of the proud owners. Some of them hire companies for thousands of pounds to create great decorations!

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights - Blue Lights Dyker Heights Christmas Lights - Nativity Scene

Christmas Decorations in Manhattan

After you’ve sampled Brooklyn’s Christmas atmosphere, the bus takes you back to Manhattan. You have excellent views of the skyline and the tour finishes at Union Square. The tour which starts at 16:00, ends in Midtown, close to Times Square and Bryant Park.

Eric’s Tip: “The most important advice I can give for this tour is: don’t wait to book! A tour of Dyker Heights is an absolute must-do if you are in New York in December. These tours are very popular and often sold out. Don’t wait too long to book your tickets, otherwise, your preferred dates may no longer be available.”

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights - Decorations

Practical Information

After purchasing, you will receive a voucher with all the information. You do not need to print the voucher.

  • Departure Times: 18:00, 19:00 or 20:00
  • Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on traffic
  • Departure Point: near Union Square
  • On this tour: Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge
  • Priority Seating: These are the first rows on the bus, so you can board and get off the bus before everyone else.

The tour that departs at 16:00 has a different departure location and route than the other time slots:

  • Departure Time: 16:00 – By the time you arrive in Dyker Heights, it will already be past sunset
  • Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on traffic
  • Departure Point: near Times Square
  • On this tour: Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights Cancellation Policy:
7 days or longer before the tour: Free cancellation
3-6 days before the tour: Free rescheduling or 75% cash refund
72 hours or less before the tour: no refund

When do the Dyker Heights lights up?

The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights will go up the weekend following Thanksgiving, and the most of the lights will be up by the first week of December. Read more here.

How long are Dyker Heights lights up?

Typically, the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights are taken down in early January. See here for the available tours.

How to get to Dyker Heights lights?

You can get to the neighbourhood by using the subway and then walking for around 20 minutes. To discover the best streets and displays, take the Dyker Heights Tour. Read about the tour here.

What is Dyker Heights Christmas Lights?

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights refer to the iconic American holiday displays of this Brooklyn neighbourhood. During the Christmas season, the area is famous for having the most magnificently lit and adorned homes. See here for tours.

Is Dyker Heights Christmas lights free?

You can explore the area for free, but I recommend taking the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour to find the best streets amid the vast suburbs. Book the bus tour here.

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