Supermarkets in New York

Supermarkets in New York

Are there supermarkets in New York? I get asked this question a lot and yes, there are some options to buy groceries in the city. There are not many big chain supermarkets but you can find good alternatives to buy fresh food, natural products, grooming and cosmetics and more. Read on to find a list of supermarkets in New York that are worth visiting.

Food Emporium

Food Emporium is a gourmet chain specialising in organic and sustainable food with sugar-free and gluten-free options. Food Emporium offers a counter with hot meals and salads to go. There are four shops located in Midtown, Uptown and Downtown Manhattan.

Amazon Go Store

Amazon has launched a revolutionary way of shopping. At the Amazon Go stores, you can buy your groceries without checking out at a cashier. Just grab everything you need and walk out of the store! The only thing you need to be able to shop here is the Amazon Go app, with an Amazon account. When entering the store you scan the QR code in the app, afterwards you walk out with your products and it’s automatically charged. The stores are quite small though, mainly focused on offering to-go items like breakfast and lunch options.

Trader Joe’s

Another famous supermarket chain in New York that offers many (healthy) foods and also stocks alternatives for people with special dietary requirements. Trader Joe’s also has its own brand, which is great value for money, so don’t hesitate to buy it. The supermarket is usually quite crowded and the queues at the checkout are long, but they move quite quickly. Besides, the waiting time is worth it for inexpensive products. Download my free Eric’s New York app for an overview of supermarkets in New York, including the closest Trader Joe’s near you.

Whole Foods

Probably the most famous supermarket in New York! Although the prices are a bit higher, Whole Foods is a very convenient choice. There are many shops in Manhattan and you can easily find all kinds of food; fresh produce or snacks, cleaning products and even household products. Whole Foods offers organic and sustainable products, along with many vegetarian or vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free options. Almost all Whole Foods shops in Manhattan also have a counter with various ready-to-eat meals and salads for a few dollars.

Eric’s tip: “I recommend visiting the shop in Columbus Circle, directly across from Central Park, to buy delicious fresh snacks and enjoy them as part of a picnic in the park.”

Supermarkets in New York - Whole Foods Supermarkets in New York - Whole Foods Selection

Target Midtown

Target is one of the best-known brand discount stores in the United States and there is a shop in Midtown Manhattan near Penn Station. You can really find everything at Target: Groceries, clothing, household goods, electrical appliances, cosmetics and so on. Although the Midtown shop is a bit smaller than the usual Target shop, the location is still very advantageous – making it a great shopping option!

Supermarkets in New York - Target New York Outside Supermarkets in New York - Target New York


American drugstores are good alternatives to supermarkets, as these mini-markets not only sell medicines but also food, clothing, cosmetics and even drinks such as juices, large bottles of water and even milk! In New York, the nearest drugstore is not far away. Look out for chains like Duane Reade, CVS and Rite Aid.

Walmart in New Jersey

There is no Walmart in New York City but there is in the neighbouring state of New Jersey. It is one of the supermarkets frequented by New Yorkers as it is a better shopping option. Since I often get questions regarding Walmart, I decided to list it here as well, even though Walmart is in New Jersey. Walmart is a chain of really big shopping stores where you can find everything from groceries to electronics to kids’ stuff. However, if you don’t want to shop in bulk, then it’s not really worth the drive to New Jersey. If you do decide to go there, make sure you allow plenty of time. Walmart in New Jersey is easily accessible by public transport, take the 320 Harmon Meadow bus from Port Authority.

Street Markets

Why not go shopping like a real New Yorker? Visit one of the many New York markets to buy fresh products and grab a bite on the go. These markets are a great alternative to supermarkets and offer a wide selection of organic and local food – plus it’s usually a bit more affordable. It’s also a nice way to see New York from the perspective of a real NYC resident. You can visit the Union Square Greenmarket, for example, it takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8 am to 6 pm on the north and east sides of Union Square.

Supermarkets in New York - CVS Pharmacy Supermarkets in New York - Duane Reade

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