Visiting Sports Games in New York 2024

Visiting sports games in New York, is something that I recommend to everyone! There are games like baseball, basketball, American football, soccer and ice hockey, among others. Each sport has a different competition season, so you can attend a sports game almost all year round. This is a great experience for the whole family, the atmosphere in the stadium during a match is fantastic. Even if you are not a sports fan! Ticket prices vary depending on supply and demand.

Buy your tickets for a sports match in New York below:

New York Yankees baseball

Who doesn’t know the New York Yankees? Take the subway to Yankee Stadium and enjoy this ultimate New York team.

Yankee Stadium
161 Street / River Avenue, The Bronx

Buy your tickets for the New York Yankees here

New York Knicks basketball

If you have the chance to attend a game at Madison Square Garden, be sure to do so! The atmosphere in the stadium during the Knicks games is great.

Madison Square Garden
Seventh Avenue / 32nd Street, Manhattan

Buy your tickets for the Knicks here

New York Giants American football

The New York Giants are one of the two American Football teams in New York. They play in the same stadium as the other team, the New York Jets. The stadium is easily accessible from Manhattan.

MetLife Stadium
1 MetLife Stadium Drive, East Rutherford, New Jersey

Buy your tickets for the New York Giants here

New York City FC football

Football in New York may not be the most obvious option, but it is fun to experience it once. New York City FC is the New York soccer team and they play their home games at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field Stadium.

Yankee Stadium
161 Street / River Avenue, The Bronx

Citi Field Stadium
41 Seaver Wy, Queens

Buy your tickets for New York City FC here

New York Rangers ice hockey

The New York Rangers play their home games, just like the Knicks, in Madison Square Garden. Visiting a sports match in the middle of Manhattan is always special!

Madison Square Garden
Seventh Avenue / 32nd Street, Manhattan

Buy your tickets for the New York Rangers here


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