New Year’s Eve Parties in New York 31-12-2022

New Year’s Eve Parties in New York

New Year’s Eve parties in New York are abundant, but which ones are the best? On this website you can find a good overview of parties in New York. I selected the best parties from this extensive list and classified them into four categories: fancy, fun, families and youth (16-21). Most parties get started at 21:00 and continue until 02:00, although some of them continue until 03:00. Make sure you buy your tickets as early as possible, as prices can increase by $10 or even $20 a day as the 31st of December approaches.

See this website for a complete overview of all parties and to buy your tickets.

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Ordering party tickets online

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York is a marvellous experience, but it can also be an expensive one. Don’t be surprised if you have to pay $200! However, it is possible to arrange something for less. You can buy tickets directly through the aforementioned website. The best thing to do, is to make sure to buy your tickets well in advance. If you are celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York without any plans, chances are you will be starting the new year highly disappointed. You can’t just show up last minute; at least not without ending up paying double.

New York’s Best New Year’s Eve Celebrations

I have picked out my favourite New Year’s Eve parties for this year. My number one is the party at the impressive Capitale. This party, at a central New York location offers an open bar for six whole hours! Ring in the New Year in this beautiful landmark, built in 1893. Another party I can recommend is the one at Sony Hall.  Of course there’s also a rooftop party on my list. At 74 Wythe you can sip your champagne whilst looking out over Manhattan.


New York on New Year’s Eve is a fantastic experience. Are you in the mood to turn this unique event into a truly extraordinary one? Head to one of many luxurious, hip and happening parties in the city. Get tickets for LAVO or Nebula to ring in the new year at one of the cities most popular clubs. For a party in a beautiful location, head to Capitale or Sony Hall; an architectural masterpiece.


Don’t want to go to an upscale, posh party but just looking to have a good time? Then go to Sons of Essex or Tavern 29. In addition at Stone Street Tavern in Downtown, The Folly and Hidden Lane, you’re in a great place for an evening of laughter, drinking and dancing with friends, old and new.


Do you feel like it’s going to have to be a private party in your hotel room, since you are celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York with (young) children? This is most definitely possible, but not necessary! There are some great parties on offer for families. At Bowlero Times Square even the youngest children will be entertained with football tables and other games. And also Dave & Buster’s is a perfect spot to welcome the new year as one big happy family! Play video games and dance to the DJ all night long!

Youth (16-21)

In New York you can’t toast to the new year with a glass of champagne if you’re under 21 and for that reason you’re not even allowed to enter most parties. Even so, there are a few good options for those in this “tough” age group. My choice would be: Dave & Buster’s and Bowlero Times Square.

After Parties

Are you looking for a post midnight party? Maybe after seeing the fireworks from somewhere or enjoying a dinner cruise? Then buy a ticket for a New Year’s Eve After Party. These tickets are quite a bit cheaper than regular party tickets and in some cases you can still enjoy the open bar. Celebrate the first hours of 2023 at, for example, Bounce, which is close to the Pier or at LAVO. If you are looking for a party in the Times Square area, get late admission tickets for Nebula or Sony Hall.

See this website for a complete overview of all parties and to buy your tickets.

The Times Square ‘Ball Drop’

If you buy a ticket for a party on Times Square, don’t expect to experience the famous ‘ball drop’ up close and personally. Most places do offer screens showing the whole countdown spectacle. If you do want to see it live on Times Square, you can go to a ball drop party.

Boat Tour to see Fireworks

If you’d like to see the fireworks, I advise you not to go to one of the above mentioned parties. You will stay inside more often than not during the night. Most places do have a smoking area, but you won’t see anything spectacular from there; the fireworks are mainly displayed close to the Statue of Liberty. Would you like to have a splendid view of this? Book one of the New Year’s Eve boat tours!

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