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New York Steak

The best steakhouse in New York is, according to many, Peter Luger. But at many other restaurants, you can also eat a good steak, from relatively cheap at well-known chains to very exclusive places. Head to a fancy steakhouse for a romantic night out or to an old-fashioned restaurant for an authentic experience. Don’t forget to think about how you like to eat your steak before you go! Below are my tips for the best steak in NYC.

  1. Peter Luger in Brooklyn

    Peter Luger is THE steakhouse in New York and it is known for serving the best steak in town. Located in Brooklyn, it is a bit of an unadorned “raw” restaurant, it’s staff are mostly local tough guys. The steaks are expensive but great. It is not without reason that the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star.

  2. STK Steakhouse

    STK Steakhouse is a must-go for both the dishes and a drink on the rooftop. STK stands for “steak”, with which the restaurant immediately makes it clear which dish it specialises in. There are different types and sizes of steaks on the menu. Go for the Mac & Cheese as a side dish, this one is also not to be missed. DJ performances regularly take place here on weekends, adding an extra twist to your dinner.

    Best Steakhouse in New York - STK Food Best Steakhouse in New York - STK Steak

  3. Strip House

    Those who like to accompany their steak with a good cocktail can go to Strip House. This restaurant has several locations in New York and the cocktail menu is as good as the dinner menu. Here you will experience a real fancy New York evening!

    Eric’s Tip: What makes dinner at STK and Strip House special is that these restaurants are also places to go out. Preferably dine here on a Friday or Saturday evening, when the atmosphere is optimal. The steak is equally expensive every night, but on these days you have a lot more value for money in terms of experience.
  4. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

    On Park Avenue, in the former dining room of the Vanderbilt Hotel, you will find Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. With its vaulted, tiled ceiling, it’s worth dining here just because of its interior design, not to mention the delicious steaks Wolfgang’s has on the menu. The restaurant has been around for four decades, so they now know very well how to serve a perfect steak.

    New York Steak - Wolfgangs Steakhouse

  5. Smith and Wollensky

    For a good steak in an impressive restaurant, go to Smith and Wollensky. You can easily pay $ 50 to $ 70 for your dish here as well, but you also get something worth the price! Smith and Wollensky serve a great dry-aged steak and the restaurant itself in Midtown East has a nice, slightly old-fashioned atmosphere.

    Best Steakhouse in New York - Smith and Wollensky

  6. Chain restaurants

    Do you find the above options a bit too fancy or pricey? Then you can also go to one of the chains in New York for your steak. For example, Applebee’s and TGI Fridays serve good steak and you will find them in several places in (especially Midtown) Manhattan.

Types of Steak in New York

Before you set a course for a steak restaurant, it is of course useful if you know exactly what you want to order. There are different types of meat and different preparation methods. These are the main differences:

  • Rare, medium, well-done: fried briefly, medium fried, well-cooked
  • T-bone steak: steak with T-shaped bone and an edge of fat
  • Prime cut: premium quality, marbled
  • New York cut: rump steak, coming from above the rib
  • Sirloin: New York cut with rib
  • Tenderloin: fillet

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