New York Stewart Airport to New York City Transfer

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stewart airport to new york city transfer

For your New York Stewart Airport (SWF) to New York City transfer, you have a few options. You can travel by public transportation, but it’s a long journey, that can take some time. You could take the bus and train to Manhattan, then transfer to the subway, taxi or bus. Another option is to take a taxi at Stewart Airport. The drive is about 90 minutes, so this can be very expensive.

Transfer from Stewart Airport to New York City

Personally, I recommend booking a car service with a driver or using the Stewart Airport Express, which you can take directly from the airport. If you prefer to book your transfer in advance or would like to have a private transfer, the car is the best option. This is cheaper than a taxi and you know the total cost upfront. You can book this car service for every New York destination below. Also, if you need to go to New Jersey, Queens, Brooklyn or The Bronx.

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