Free Yoga in Bryant Park

Free Yoga in Bryant Park

Free yoga in Bryant Park is not only for yogis but for anyone who’d like to practise while in New York. There are many yoga schools and institutions but these weekly yoga classes that take place in the spring and summer in Bryant Park are for free. If you’re looking for yoga in New York, head to Bryant Park and join a free class!

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is just steps away from Times Square. This oasis of calm is the scene of many activities in the summer such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Film Festivals, fencing, chess and more. There is always free wireless internet available in the park.

Yoga Classes

Classes are held weekly, from the end of May to the end of August. Check the overview of yoga classes in Bryant Park to see if you can join one of them.

Free Yoga in Bryant Park New York Yoga in Bryant Park in New York

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