High Line Park in New York

High Line Park in New York

High Line Park in New York is a long, stretching park, on an elevated train track, in the middle of Manhattan. The park runs from the Meatpacking District to Hudson Yards. It is visited by millions every year. A walk through the park offers you great views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. A welcome change to the hustle and bustle of the busy Manhattan streets.

The High Line Railroad

High Line Park has made great use of a disused 1.45 mile (2.3 kilometre) elevated 1930s train track. The railroad, which runs parallel to 10th Avenue, was used for transporting meat and poultry to the west side of Manhattan since 1934. Due to the increasing popularity of public transportation by highway, the railroad became unnecessary and closed in 1980.

In 2003, it was estimated that the development of High Line Park would cost as much as $150 million, an amount that the city didn’t have. However, due to an anticipated rise in real estate prices for the homes surrounding High Line Park, which would yield tax revenue, the city decided to go ahead and build the park.

In 2006, construction began on the first of three sections and, in June 2009, the first section was opened to the public. On June 8, 2011, the second part of the park opened. The final section of the park was finished and opened to the public in September 2014. In the summer of 2019, an extra stretch of The High Line opened above Tenth Avenue and 30th Street, called ‘Spur’. This part is the last remaining section of the original rail structure. To make the High Line even better connected to the city, the High Line – Moynihan Connector was built. This connects the park to Moynihan Train Hall.

High Line Park Tour

If you want to explore High Line Park while learning about its history (that dates back to 1847!) take this walking tour. On this 2-hour tour, you’ll hear about New York’s “West Side Cowboys”. In addition, about the variety of plants that make the 2.33 km park so beautiful. After wandering through the park, you will visit the White Star Pier. This is where the survivors of the Titanic disembarked. The old Nabisco factory, where the Oreo Cookie was invented is another highlight of the tour. I advise you to take this tour from the end of March until the end of October as the park will be in full bloom.

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Walking the High Line

You can also, of course, walk freely on the High Line in New York! The park is free to access and is the perfect route to cross Chelsea and reach Greenwich Village from the all-new Hudson Yards neighbourhood or vice versa. Here is the route on the High Line that I recommend:

You can access the very beginning of High Line Park on 34th Street between 11th Avenue and 12th Avenue, entry onto the High Line is via a ramp, which is wheelchair accessible. Before starting the walk, take advantage of being in the Hudson Yards district to take a look at the Vessel with its impressive architecture. In the same area, you can find Edge Observation Deck, the highest outdoor observation deck in New York.

The best way to enjoy the walk is to do it at your own pace, taking the time to stop to admire the view and take beautiful pictures of the cityscape in this typical New York industrial setting. Along your walk on the High Line, you will discover the emblematic places of the park such as:

  • Philip A. and Lisa Maria Falcone Flyover between 25th Street and 27th Street: The High Line takes height to raise you to the top of the treetops.
  • 10th Avenue Square & Overlook on 17th Street: Take a seat in this open-air amphitheatre and watch the spectacle of the city in turmoil as well as real performances that regularly take place at this place.
  • Chelsea Market Passage between 15th Street and 16th Street: Take a gourmet break here by going down to the Chelsea Market. This market is located in an old cookie factory (Nabisco) and will delight your taste buds.
  • Tiffany & Co. Foundation Overlook on Gansevoort Street: A balcony overlooking the street that marks the southern limit of the High Line beyond which the railroad gave way to new housing in the 1980s.

After walking the entire High Line, you can reach the busy streets of New York at the intersection of Gansevoort Street and Washington Street. From there, you can walk to Greenwich Village, a neighbourhood renowned for its village atmosphere and for having been the setting for several television series!

Eric’s Tip: “To me, the High Line Park is a unique and extraordinary park in New York. The park has beautiful views, a unique view of the city, and ‘urban nature’. In the spring and summertime, High Line Park is at its best. In the winter, you won’t see the foliage, but the park is still worth visiting.”

Art on High Line Park

By strolling on the High Line, you will already be amazed by the sublime views it offers over the city. But notice to art lovers, the High Line Park also hosts many works of art. The High Line participates in more than 30 artistic projects each year, some of which are then exhibited in the park: shows, sculptures, murals or videos. This is what makes this outdoor walk a cultural discovery!

Practical Information

  • Location: High Line Park is located on the west side of Manhattan, between Gansevoort Street (Meatpacking District) and West 34th Street, at the height of 10th and 12th Avenue.
  • Opening hours: 
    • Dec 1 – Mar 31 from 07:00 – 19:00
    • Apr 1 – May 31 from 07:00 – 22:00
    • June 1 – Sept 30 from 07:00 – 23:00
    • Oct 1 – Nov 30 from 07:00 – 22:00

High Line Park in New York - Elevated Park High Line Park in New York - Stroll

Where does the High Line begin and end?

The High Line Park runs between Gansevoort St. and 34th St., and it has several entrances along the way. You can walk in either direction, so the High Line has no beginning or end as such.

How long does it take to walk the High Line?

The High Line Park in New York stretches 1.45 miles (2.3 kilometres) and takes about 30 minutes to walk.

Why is the High Line park so popular?

The High Line park is on an elevated, disused train track. This makes it a green oasis, offering great views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. Read more about the popular park here.

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