Vintage Trains in New York

Vintage Trains in New York

There are vintage trains in New York every year during the Christmas holidays. These vintage trains (“Nostalgia Shoppers’ Special Train” or “Nostalgia Train”) ride every Sunday between 10:00 and 17:00. In 2019, trains operate from the 1st until the 29th of December. The vintage trains have original carriages dating back to the 30s and mid-70s. You can take a stroll through these carriages during the ride. They run on the F line, between Second Avenue and West 4th Street – Washington Square. Here they change to the A/C/E line, up to 125th Street in Harlem.

A New York Surprise

The surprise might be tremendous for some people just waiting for the metro to come when all of a sudden this old model appears. Others have been longing for a ride for days. Personally, I’m not a subway fanatic at all, but you don’t necessarily have to be one in order to appreciate these trains. It’s good fun for everyone: it’s an adventure for children, a feast of remembrance for those who visited New York years ago and a unique opportunity for subway fanatics and history lovers and an inspiring ride for creatives. Moreover, the moment you enter, you’ll feel at home right away!

Old Fashioned Metros

The metros look marvellous: old benches, authentic fans and ‘real’ lights – you would almost expect them to use candles! The sound is rather ‘old-fashioned’ as well: it makes a lot of noise. Sometimes they even play live music or serve drinks. Are you one of the happy few to ride this metro? Don’t worry: these oldies are just as fast as their newer counterparts. Besides you only have to pay the normal ticket price. Do you have an Unlimited MetroCard? Then you can take this ride for free. Missed it or craving some more nostalgia? Visit the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. You’ll find even more vintage vehicles there!

Vintage Trains in NYC - Interior of Train Vintage Trains in NYC - Special Train

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