Chelsea in New York

Chelsea in New York

Chelsea in New York is a vibrant neighbourhood in Manhattan. This neighbourhood is known for its many art galleries, museums, High Line Park, and the highest acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community in New York. Due to the many restaurants and bars, Chelsea has a vibrant nightlife. The area spans from the Hudson River to 6th Avenue and from 14th Street in the south to Hudson Yards in the north.

History of Chelsea in New York

Chelsea is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in New York that has retained its original name. Ten blocks were bought by Englishman Thomas Clarke in the 18th century. The neighbourhood got its artistic hues from the theatre district that was being built there. Due to the construction of the railway, which we now know as High Line Park, many warehouses, townhouses, and other industries were built in the district. This is still reflected in the architecture in this part of Manhattan.

The Atmosphere in Chelsea

Many locals live in Chelsea, which makes it extra nice to discover this neighbourhood. In addition to the many bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, you will also find many art galleries here. Many of these you can visit for free. In addition, Chelsea is known as the New York neighbourhood with the highest acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. In 1969 there were many demonstrations for the acceptance of homosexuality in the city, especially in Greenwich Village. Due to the increasing acceptance, many LGBTQ+ people wanted to live in Greenwich Village, but the prices of the housing were very high. Chelsea was a cheaper option where everyone was warmly welcomed. This can still be seen today: in the district, you will find many gay bars and you will also see many rainbow flags.

Eric’s Tip: Chelsea is a nice neighbourhood to walk through. You can explore the neighbourhood by doing the ‘High Line Park – Hudson Yards’ walking route. This route can be found in my Eric’s New York App, when you select ‘walking routes’.

Chelsea in New York - Buildings Chelsea in New York - Chelsea Market

Food in Chelsea

Many restaurants have established themselves in Chelsea, providing a wide choice. These are often small chains that you will not easily find elsewhere in the city. During your stay in New York, you can visit Chelsea Market on 9th Avenue. This is a former industrial building, which has been transformed into an indoor market. Here you can do your shopping, but also enjoy delicious food at the many restaurants. In addition, you can visit the shops in Chelsea Market, which sell kitchenware, clothing, and books, among other things.

Eric’s Tip: I recommend visiting Chelsea Market on a weekday; on the weekends it’s very busy here. It’s the perfect place for lunch. There are many options to choose from, so something for everyone!

Those who have seen the movie Men in Black, have seen this iconic restaurant featured in the movie. The Empire Diner is an upscale retro diner on 10th Avenue that serves American cuisine. It’s a real experience to eat here.

Sights in Chelsea

A visit to Chelsea should not be missed during your trip to New York. The neighbourhood has several attractions and is the perfect place to spend a day.

High Line Park

High Line Park is one of the most famous spots in Chelsea. It’s a park on elevated train tracks and runs through the middle of Manhattan. It’s a nice place to walk over and you also have a great view of the city. The High Line runs from Meatpacking District through Chelsea to Hudson Yards.

Chelsea in New York - High Line Park Chelsea in New York - High Line

Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards in New York is one of the newest neighbourhoods and is located north of Chelsea. Here you will find, among other things, the Vessel and Edge Observation Deck. When you visit Edge you can admire the city from a height of 335 metres. Prefer to keep it closer to the ground? Then The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards is for you. This shopping mall consists of seven floors full of shops and restaurants.

Little Island

Little Island is located on the outskirts of Chelsea. This is a unique park on the water. Pier 55 has been converted into a green oasis on piles in the Hudson River. You can access the park via one of two walkways, both located on the Hudson River Greenway. On Little Island, enjoy a picnic in the sun on one of the grass areas.

Chelsea Flea Market

On weekends you can stroll over Chelsea Flea Market. This flea market focuses on unique and high-quality vintage items, which are offered at good prices. The market takes place in a parking lot where you are surrounded by the skyscrapers of Manhattan. There are also food stalls where you can get something to eat or drink.

Chelsea in New York - Little Island Chelsea in New York - Chelsea Flea Market

Rubin Museum of Art

During your trip to New York, you can dive into the culture of the Himalayas. The Rubin Museum of Art displays a diverse collection of art from the mountain region. The museum consists of six floors and also has a cafe, where you can literally taste the Himalayas.

Hotels in Chelsea

There are various hotels in Chelsea. It’s a nice neighbourhood to stay in, and because there are not many hotels, you will not find many tourists either. From here, you can also easily discover the rest of the city. Just off the High Line, you will find The High Line Hotel, so you can start your day with a short walk through the park. Other nice hotels are Leo House and the Maritime Hotel.

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